Draft Beer Line Cleaning

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board requires all draft beer licensees clean their draft lines 
every 7 days

Click here to View PA Code Chapter 5 Section 5.51

As a business owner you want to find an experienced and reliable service company to do the job efficiently, as well as keeping
your establishment in compliance…

Jordan Draft Service’s courteous, certified technicians are equipped with the industry’s most effective cleaning solutions and state-of-the-art equipment; ensuring our customers only serve the best tasting beer.  Your bar & restaurant patrons will notice the difference in taste too…

Contact us to discuss cleaning options for your business and to schedule a free “on site” draft system evaluation.


Want to learn how to further reduce your cost and beer waste?
Visit Total Systems Controls website @ www.totalsystemscontrol.com and under “Products”, review our Automated Beer Line Cleaning information.